Prof Keith Sidwell,

is Adjunct Professor in the Department of Greek and Roman Studies, University of
Calgary. He has written extensively on Neo-Latin writing, and is a co-author of the Reading
Greek and Reading Latin series, author of Reading Medieval Latin (1995) and co-editor of
Dermot O'Meara's epic poem Ormonius, published in 1615, which focuses upon the
military career of the 10th Earl of Ormond, Thomas Butler. He is at present co-editing (with
Pádraig Lenihan) a poem on the Glorious Revolution and Williamite War by a Galway

Dr John Jeremiah Cronin,
has, amongst other things, contributed to the teaching of early-modern History in NUI
Galway, University College Dublin, the City of Dublin VEC, and the Oscail programme in
Dublin City University. Most pertinently for us, he has worked on the government
sponsored "Irish Battlefields Project" and has overseen local History projects in county
Galway, including a project based in Turloughmore, county Galway.

Dr Damian Shiels,
is director of Rubicon Heritage Services Ltd., Midleton, Co. Cork. Damian has a special
interest in battlefield archaeology and worked with John Cronin on the 'Irish Battlefields
Project' and wrote the historical report on the Battle of Knockdoe.


Tomás Ó Brógáin,

Holds a BA Hons in Irish History and Politics from University of Ulster, Magee and is currently preparing for a Masters in research (MRes) to continue his research into the Irish combatants involved in the ‘War of the two Kings / Cogadh na dá Rí’. Oireas historical services are a non-profit, living history group interested in the development and preservation of early modern Irish military heritage. As a published historian, with several publications to his credit including ‘The battle of the Swilly 1567’ (History Ireland). He also works in close co-operation with Dutch, French, Spanish and Italian historical groups to build closer relationships in the context of the Irish diaspora, post Treaty of Limerick in 1691 and its affects. Current projects include, the development and promotion of Aughrim as a key European military heritage trail site. The Irish Brigades in the Service of James II in Brittany (1691-1692) and Northern Italy (1693-1697). He is currently the cartographer for History Ireland, but has also worked on The Battle of Aughrim 1691 (McNally), Flight of the Earl (O’Ciardha), The Battle of Benburb 1646 (Hollick). He is a research consultant for Monreagh education and cultural centre and has been involved with various authors in a consultancy capacity.


Dave Swift,

 is the owner of Claíomh, who are a professional 'living history' group portraying late medieval and early modern military life in Ireland. The group is continually working on a wide range of reconstructive projects to promote and engage with key historic events and individuals from the overall historic narrative. Dave has an  archaeologist background which he applies to his research making him a respected historian, working as a consultant on various historical projects but is also heavily involved in film, media and Tv work. Claíomh, will be in Aughrim to provide to demonstrate the weapons and equipment of the Gallowglass who fought at the battle of Knockdoe in 1504.

Dr Éamonn Ó Cíardha,
is a Senior Lecturer in the School of English, History and Politics, University of Ulster. He
has published and edited books and articles on Jacobitism, the Flight of the Earls, The
Plantation of Ulster, law and order and the use of Irish language sources for seventeenth
and eighteenth-century Irish History. His published works include Ireland and the Jacobite
cause, 1685-1766. "A Fatal attachment" . (Dublin, 2002)

Dr Alan Smyth,
is a native of Dundalk, Co Louth, and has studied history at University College Dublin and
the University of California, Los Angeles. He recently completed his PhD in history at
Trinity College Dublin, where he examined the social and economic impact of the
Williamite war on Ireland.

Prof Pardraig Lenihan,
lectures in history at the National University of Ireland, Galway. His main research interest
lies in European military history from the Thirty Years War to the War of the Spanish
Succession, with special emphasis on warfare in Ireland. His publications include 1690
Battle of the Boyne. Currently he is writing a biography of Richard Talbot earl of Tyrconnell
(d.1691) and co-editing an Irish Jacobite epic poem (over 5,000 lines) with Prof. Keith