Once again John Burke of Burke’s hardware in Aughrim has offered to organise a Battle field walk.

John organised this successful event last year as part of our fund raising and we had a very encouraging turn out. This year we start at 4.30 pm on Saturday afternoon of the 29th June from the Interpretive Centre.

The walk is interesting and takes only about 2 (+) hours to cover the 10 kilometers. There are frequent stops at places of significants during the battles development, with a commentary given by a local historian. We will also have a water stop at approx the half way point.

As last year we ask €10 per adult and only €5 per child.

General John in the ‘lumi’ jacket at a halt.

Home is in sight for the 40-50 people who turned out on the day.






Aughrim Tours Galway App.


On July 12th 1691 two kings, James 11 and William of Orange fought at Aughrim for the throne of England. 


45,000 soldiers from eight European Armies fought at Aughrim in the last great battle in Irish History


Just 5 hours after the battle started 9,000 soldiers lay slain on the battlefield.


The battle seared itself into Irish consciousness and became known as Aughrim of the Slaughter. 


Now you can relive that day in a very special way.



Aughrim Tours Galway and Battle App. What does it do ?


The Aughrim Tours App will take you on an audio tour around the Aughrim Battle Site. You can stop at designated battle stands and hear all the battle sounds that would have been heard on that fateful day in 1691.


Listen to canons roaring, armies clashing and cavalry charging. Hear generals discuss tactics and get a blow by blow account of the battle as attack turned into counterattack.


Witness this last great Irish battle as never before.


After the battle tour you can access an additional tour around Aughrim village and learn all about its very special history through the lives of its many unique characters. Please click on the links provided to download the App. 

[On both platforms, due to size of files, it is best to download the App to your smartphone using a fast WiFi connection]


Battle of Aughrim video